Charming town of Chiavari and birth chairs not only for weddings

Small, seaside and incredibly charming Italian town, located between Portofino and Mongelia. It is not a town where a person would go for a beach vacation or to visit a number of galleries and museums, because they are not there. Nevertheless, it is very underestimated place, because it is possible to experience a true Italian atmosphere there. And not only that.

In the Middle Ages, Chiavari was one of the main economic centres and was a commercial port. Typical narrow streets below the old arcades where small boutiques, ice cream parlours, pasticceries, and bars are now preserved. Authentic markets with the most famous “Mercato delle Pulce” give the city a true Mediterranean atmosphere. Among the places one should definitely look for is the gigantic Nostra Signoradell’Orto Cathedral, full of beautiful frescoes and statues.

Art and woodworking

This city was known not only for fishing and shipbuilding, but also for skilled craftsmen and artists. And, as is customary in Italy, painting of pictures, traditional bobbin lace and furniture production had their important place in a life of the town.

Just after developing famous Chiavari chairs, designed by Giueseppe Gaetano Desczalzim in 1807, which are still a hit that cannot be missed on any modern wedding, more than a century later in 1955, the Superleggera 699 light and elegant chairs started to be made in this creative town of Chiavari.

Their designer was Gio Ponti, who developed a two-kilo lightweight construction of chairs made of swivel rods and extremely fine cane. This skilful carpenter developed simplified them, abandoning demanding and austere decorations. They have been improved in Chiavari and are still manufactured under the name Chiavarino in local various woodworking companies. Originally, however, they were taken from Paris in the 19th century, similarly to the Chiavari chairs, created according to the Baroque-style modern custom-made chairs for Pope Leo XIII. At that time, their inventor began his carpentry workshop with his brothers, but he had no idea that they would gain immense popularity even after his death.

All the chairs that have come out of this city of Chiavari have deserved admiration among architects and designers from all over the world to discover the perfect blend of traditional and modern art. If you want to sit back comfortably or underline your creativity, make a feast in Chiavari style. The Italians did not make a surprise by anything new. Original chairs from Chiavari leave a trace of the Mediterranean in our regions until today.

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