Timeless chairs Chiavari

Why to choose still more popular Chiavari chairs named after a small town in Italy near Genoa for the festive occasions? Just read on to find out more.

Love at first sight

When I was invited to a wedding where I first saw and sat on the Chiavari chairs in the so-called Limewash design in a room with proper decoration, I was thrilled. I’ve never had the chance to experience such a delicate beauty in combination with the apparent power of metal. The more I began to explore this limewash colour of Chiavari chair, but also of their sisters in white, silver, gold, brown, black and transparent colour, the more fascinated I was. I understood that they had to be developed by a great designer who used different materials to achieve the desired effect.

Short Chiavari story

When Guiseppe Descalzi of Chiavari developed a chair in 1807, it immediately became a hit. Then they „baptized“ it as Chiavarina, or Small Chiavari. Its aim was to emulate the elegance of Parisian balloon chairs by creating something strong and at the same time aesthetic. And he did it. This is confirmed by the clients for whom the chairs were ordered, including Queen Victoria, Napoleon, Spanish King Fernando. Even the Kennedy family had them at their wedding.

The aim of Guiseppe was to restore the elegance of the Parisian balloon chairs and at the same time create something that was both strong and lightweight, and he really did it.

Wedding Chiavari chairs today

Today’s modern Chiavari chairs come in many styles, but the most popular is the stackable white chair that the Kennedy presidential family had at the wedding. In addition, they can be made of wood, metal, plastic, as well as in gold or silver version. My heart has been won by a modern, transparent chairs. Despite their feminine appearance, they are strong and robust, allowing them to be placed inside and outside. Chiavari is increasingly one of the most sought-after chairs for today’s modern weddings, and it is ideal to rent it for this purpose.